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FTG is complete Online Travel Solution Provider with major traction in cheap flights & visas. With complete team work at backend, we provides B2B and B2C services to travel agencies and people across the world.

The most trusted web based company. There are locations internationally. The organization was established ion the basis of a small idea conceived by our officers. FTG offers the best B2B solutions, allowing easy comparison of discounted immigration packages with positive results and discounted airfares on most airlines operating worldwide.

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Countless Benefits, Easy Processing & Cheap International Flights

You choose Flytoglam because immigration rules and dynamic, Complicated to apply, and its difficult to deal with the migration department and you need to increase the success rate, FTG will help you to get that easily with paperwork


Search and compare deals on flights, airline tickets and hotel deals to thousand of locations. Travelation specializes in selling last minute airline tickets to the general public.


World's No. 1 Online Visa Consultancy services, counselled over 20,000 people whole over the world.


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